Reverend Clement Kwayie

Reverend Clement Kwayie was born in Sefwi Wiawso, the western region of Ghana. He is the second born of 5 siblings. The young Clement Kwayie started his early childhood and education at Glisten International School at Sefwi Wiawso. He was appointed as the Youth Pastor for 8 years in his mother church after completing a course in pastoral studies.

His deep love for God and evangelism was manifested by the gift of healing and prophesy. Through the anointing of God, Rev Kwayie was used as an instrument of God to bring healing to the sick, lame, afflicted and those under spiritual attack. His gift of healing touched many lives’s; some of which became partners with him for his radio ministry which attracts a wide audience.

He first established Resurrection Time Ministries International Church as an infant church in Ghana which stated with 5 people at the onset, grew to 150 after 3 month, due to the ingenuity of Rev Clement Kwayie. The young and desirous Rev. Kwayie adopted house to house evangelism to win souls to Christ.

Rev. Clement Kwayie is married to Mrs Sheila Kwayie and they have 5 beautiful children all residing in the United Kingdom. Rev. Clement Kwayie is the senior pastor at Resurrection Time Ministries International Church United Kingdom and has been pastoring for the last 20years. Rev. Clement Kwayie has regularly pursued further studies to help in his pastoral work.

The Resurrection Time Ministries International has two branches located in Ghana with members of about 600 devoted Christians. The Lapaz Tabora Alhaji church branch is under the care of Pastor Ampiadu, while the Olebu church branch is headed by Pastor Yaw Kyei.